Best Sunless Spray Tan near Chattanooga


Sun Glo Tanning Studio - Chattanooga, TN - Tanning Salon

3 minute session
3 to 5 shades darker
Tan lasts 5-7 days
Heated automatic drying
Large open-air design
Advanced airbrush technology
Customizable tanning
Industry Award Winner
Natural solution ingredients (beet juice & walnut shell extracts)  

Customers say they choose Sun Glo because we have state-of-the-art Ergoline sunbeds and a Versa Spa PRO sunless booth that deliver superior results, excellent customer service, excellent lotion selections, an immaculate clean environment, and the BEST prices in Chattanooga.

Do you want the confidence-boosting benefits of a tan without the use of a traditional UV sunbed? Do you want to immediately look your best for your vacation, date, wedding, graduation, or other special occasion? Do you want to pump-up your color a few shades darker after a relaxing sunbed session?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the Versa Spa PRO, sunless tanning booth at Sun Glo is perfect for you. Unlike sunless tanning creams and lotions, Versa Spa PROs state-of-the art airbrushing technology guarantees smooth skin and a gorgeous instant tan evenly applied every time. And because your sunless tanning solution contains natural solution ingredients (beet juice and walnut shell extracts), it’s sure to be the most natural-looking sunless tan you've ever had. It's quick, easy, fun and provides long-lasting results!

The Versa Spa PRO is designed for your comfort with an open-air chamber that allows generous airflow while maintaining full privacy. You’ll stay relaxed, comfortable, and dry during your sunless tanning session with the new advanced heated drying system.

Experience the Franchise Alternative!


On the day your planning to get your Versa Spa PRO session, women should shave their legs. This will ensure your legs are nice and smooth allowing the solution to be properly applied. Everyone should exfoliate their skin to remove any dead skin cells that will shed off and take your lovely sunless tan with it. After you shower, do not use a moisturizer that can prevent your sunless solution from properly adhering to your skin.

There is an instructional video playing in our lobby, so take a minute to watch it because there are a couple of different poses you’ll need to do. Think of the movie “Saturday Night Fever” and John Travolta on the dance floor. You will get a hair cap to cover your hair to just above your hairline. Next, there is barrier cream in a dispenser by the Versa Spa PRO that will be sparingly used in areas such as your finger nail cuticles and toe nail cuticles. The barrier cream keeps the sunless solution from completely soaking into these areas and will be removed after the session. As you enter the Versa Spa Pro, be sure to use the safety hand-grab rail and step on the non-skid areas of the floor.

After entering the Versa Spa PRO, you can begin the session by depressing the green illuminated button. The session is voice-guided and will tell you exactly which way to stand so there is no confusion. The Versa Spa PRO has been upgraded to have three fine-mist nozzles that will pass over your body during each pose to make sure it doesn’t miss any area of your body. Unlike franchise salons that charge extra, Sun Glo automatically includes a PH neutralizing sunless solution to ensure your skin is properly prepared for the color solution you choose. The Versa Spa PRO has also been upgraded to have heaters that will dry you as soon as the solution is applied—a big improvement from the first generation Versa Spa! In about 3 Minutes your session will be completed and you will gradually turn darker over the next 6-8 hours. For the best results, you should always choose to have the moisturizer applied during your session to extend the life of the sunless solution.

After your session, you will carefully step out of the Versa Spa PRO using the safety hand-grab rail and remove the barrier cream. You should not take a shower or allow your skin to be exposed to water, rain, or prespiring for at least 12 hours following the session. Use of chemically treated water and salt water will remove the sunless solution e.g. swimming pools and hot tubs. To extend the life of your sunless tan, moisturizers that are specially designed to work with sunless solutions should be used. If properly taken care of, your sunless spray session should last 5-7 days.

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